Audio Visual Services

For your long-term video, audio, lighting and conferencing goals, let's work together to introduce your business or creative space to innovative ideas on design and installation, from first time set-ups to update maintenance.



houses of worship

Discrete integration of audio, light and video systems keeps the focus on the things that matter. We work to enhance (not distract from) your spiritual celebrations, rituals, and services.


corporate & government offices

Total integration and automation at your fingertips–we’ll find a conferencing solution that gives you that essential yet simple cross-company connection to elevate your business operatives.


theaters & entertainment venues


Get ready for the royal red carpet treatment. From the 10-seat theater to the 5,000-seat arena–our integrated video, lighting and audio systems will give you that Madison Square experience.


schools & universities

Academic learning thrives on integration of new technology in the classroom. We’ll keep you up-to-date in your meeting areas, instructional spaces, and athletic platforms.



The always-innovative, always-evolving healthcare field requires technology that can keep up. We deliver approachable, user-friendly solutions that guarantee the privacy you demand.

Church of the Resurrection Souns System Installation

churches & houses of worship

Working with many different denominations and faiths, we bring modern technology to aid and enrich your religious space, including sound systems, lights and stage effects.

We work with both traditional and contemporary organizations to bring them the benefits of professional audiovisual and lighting systems to compliment their purpose.

Our system designers work closely with you to identify the needs of your space and to integrate solutions into existing AV systems or help you start from scratch.

Our system installers coordinate with your schedule and the project team to guarantee the installation is painless and respectful of your services, and the final product is easy to learn.

Professional Video System Installations for Churches
Video Systems

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Professional Audio and Sound Systems for Churches
audio systems

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Theatrical Lighting for Churches
lighting systems

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Columbus City Council Chamber
corporate & government offices

A professional meeting space is perhaps the most important environment for great technology to be present. It’s where decisions that forge the future are determined. It’s where new ideas become new realities. It’s a place of compromise, progress, and presentation. Such a space requires the technology to match.

Our system designers consider your space, brand, and operations when designing your networked, automated conferencing system. Bringing decision-makers together through clear audio and smooth video cuts down on the “can someone fix the connection” time of your meetings and creates more “let’s get down to business” time. Your think tank just got a little less complicated.

We have trained specialists on our team in the design and installation of Crestron and Polycom systems to bring you touch-panel, networked answers to your needs in your corporate or government environments.

Whether the meeting is being held across a table or across the country, we have the solutions to your conferencing needs. Start improving your time management and company collaboration today.

Dublin Recreation Center Community Room


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DSW Corporate Offices

meeting space design

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Crestron Touch-Panel Control Interface

touch-panel room control

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Digital Signage

digital signage

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Columbus City Council Chamber
theaters & entertainment venues

It’s the difference between an audience that watches your performance, and an audience that feels your performance. Your audiovisual and lighting equipment is not an afterthought to your show; it is the star performer that sets the tone for every production. Our integration experts help you make sure this prima donna doesn’t pull the diva card and quit at just the wrong moment.

It might not seem like it to the outside eye, however, we see the needs of a small auditorium and a massive arena as the same. The only distinguishing factor is the scale of the audiovisual and lighting equipment we install, not the size of the venue itself.

Our system designers, installers, and service technicians have worked with a multitude of diverse venues from small auditoriums to high-capacity stadiums.

Our understanding of how the equipment works and what additional services you may require is what makes the difference between buying off the shelf and buying from an expert.

Just consider us the agents who can guarantee top-end performance from your favorite star, again and again.

Theaters & Auditoriums

theaters & auditoriums

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Stadiums & Arenas

stadiums & arenas

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Columbus Commons Pavilion

pavilions & clubs

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OSU Schottenstein Center

event spaces

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Columbus City Council Chamber
schools & universities

In today’s digital age, cutting-edge technology isn’t the exception in the classroom; it’s the rule. The needs and use of instructional and athletic space change by the hour. We offer you the tools to keep up with the changes and needs of your space, with more efficiently and greater ease.

Touch-panel, networked, and automated equipment give the spaces the flexibility to evolve with the students and their digital expectations, while keeping the learning curve accessible for instructors. Our system designers and installers are the experts that will find and implement the right audiovisual and networking solutions for you and your academic area.

Ohio Health Learning Lab


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ONU Mathile Distance Learning Lab

distance learning

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Denison Natatorium

athletic facilities

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Hands-On Instruction Classroom

hands-on learning

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Our systems integration team recently finished a complete overhaul of an outdated conference system in the Gingher Conference room at Ohio Health’s Grant Medical Center.

The LIVE! team removed an antiquated system with frequent problems and designed a conference system around the specific needs of the staff at the Grant Medical Center. The result was a completely updated conference room with the latest in conferencing technology and a completely satisfied client.

Pete Ellers, OhioHealth Media Services Coordinator, has worked with LIVE! Technologies on several projects since 2004 and enjoyed the opportunity to sit down with us and share his confidence in the LIVE! System Integration team and the work they provide.  We enjoy sharing our successes and love hearing about them, especially when it comes from a client.

At LIVE! Technologies our commitment is to look beyond the job at hand and identify improvements and provide long lasting solutions to keep our clients worry free and confident in their system provider choice. We love what we do and we do it well, but don’t take our word for it…take Pete’s.

Columbus City Council Chamber

The field of healthcare is built upon the principle of helping people live better. At Live!, we have the same belief. That’s why we have successfully teamed with so many companies to improve the technology experience in this field. Both our system designers and installers have experience working to meet industry-specific needs, offering expertise in the most up-to-date and ideal audiovisual and conferencing technologies for your space.

Let us help you focus on the well-being of your patients, not the functionality of your AV and conferencing systems. We understand the privacy of patients and maintaining the confidentiality of information are also top priority and essential to the success of business.

We are ready to work with you to adapt any of our industry-leading audiovisual and conferencing solutions to meet the rigorous standards present in the healthcare field.

HIPAA Approved Audiovisual Systems

HIPAA Approved
audiovisual systems

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Encrypted Audio & Video Cummincations

Encrypted Audio & Video

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Collaborative Conferencing


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Instructional & Training Spaces

training &
instructional spaces

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