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We exist for the busy professional looking to enhance and elevate their meeting and event spaces. From boardrooms to ballrooms and beyond, we deliver seamlessly executed live experiences through creative design, engaging event production, and intelligent technology installation.







Engaged audiences & impactful content starts with LED displays. Learn how our LED walls can take your event to the next level in 2018!

Freelancing Opportunities

As is common in this industry, LIVE! hires part time technicians at varying times throughout the year. If you are interested in part time opportunities in Live Event Production, Creative Media Production, or permanent AV Installations click the button below to submit your resume!

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    Your event guests will form an impression of your meeting or conference largely based on what they learned from your speakers, workshops or panel discussions. But there is one other important part of your event that will also play a crucial role in your guests’ impression, and that is the quality and variety of your […]

  • Important Facts to Consider When Choosing an Event Destination

    Choosing an event destination is the first important step in creating a unique experience for your event attendees. Here at LIVE! Technologies we recommend the following process to choosing an event destination: Decide on the purpose The first step in identifying an event destination is to understand the purpose of your event and what your […]

  • Live! Technologies Wins National NSCA Award

    LIVE! Technologies, winner in the Business Performance category, created a “Define, Design, & Deliver” model to encompass end-to-end client consultation, service, and support. The model extends and defends the core business while building emerging areas: leveraging project management, increasing numbers of service/maintenance contracts, continuous quality and efficiency improvement, reducing excess capacity, growing programming and design […]

  • Live Technologies, LLC completes Private Equity deal with Nashville, TN based Capital Alignment Partners

    Press Release · February 20, 2017 Audio Visual COLUMBUS, OH (FEB. 20, 2017) – Live Technologies, LLC announced today a new Private Equity deal with Nashville, TN based Capital Alignment Partners (CAP Funds) in support of the organization’s ongoing efforts to drive growth, expand resources, and identify new partners. Founded in 1974, Live Technologies is […]

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    Live! Technologies is here to support you and your event from inception to completion. Our blog, Backstage, lifts the curtain – giving you a behind-the-scenes peek on the intricate details of planning an event, your audio and visual needs, how things are done and why. We’re here to help you make your event – and […]

  • 10 Reasons To Use Digital Audio Consoles

    One of the most important aspects of a successful event is the sound quality achieved by your audio console. In recent years, many churches, event planning companies, and meeting organizers have made the jump from analog audio consoles to digital audio consoles. While the analog systems are familiar and perceived as easy to use, they […]

  • Use Video Production to Sell, Educate and Celebrate Your Story

    If you’re a business owner, you likely recognize the impact that content can have on your marketing efforts. You may have a beautiful website, an updated blog, or even a social media presence. Written content is great, but all of us at LIVE! Technologies encourage you to explore another avenue of content through video production. […]

  • How to Craft an Event Production Calendar

    An event has many moving parts, and the planning begins months or sometimes over a year before the event’s date. Whether you are planning a corporate meeting, a conference, a trade show or a wedding, you’ll need to keep your responsibilities organized and the tasks running efficiently. You can do this using an event production […]

  • LIVE!con Flashback: 4th Annual LIVE!Con a Success!

    LIVE! Technologies hosted its fourth annual LIVE!Con event on September 15, 2016. Over 200 registered guests enjoyed a full day of education on current industry topics related to audiovisual, event management, video production, and much more. The event was free of charge. LIVE!Con opened with a light breakfast and networking, followed by two morning sessions, […]

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    If you’re looking for an event production company to help you plan your event, a basic Google search will yield countless results: companies with advertisements, companies listed under a map, and hundreds of other companies on the proceeding pages. How do you know which one to choose? Where do you start? Choosing an event production […]