Join Us for Our 4th Annual House of Worship Training Event. LIVE! Technologies' Premier Tech Training Event featuring classes on audio, video and lighting for your House of Worship!

$25 Admission

Meal will be included with the $25 admission fee.

Tuesday, February 19

LIVE! Technologies
3445 Millennium Court. Columbus, Ohio 43219

4:00-8:30 PM

Meal at 5:00 PM. Classes to start at 6:30 PM.


4:00 PM
Doors Open for Product Displays & Information

5:00 PM
Dinner is Served Buffet Style

5:30 PM
Bonus Session - Best Practices for Wireless in the House of Worship
with Special Guest Jay Dill (Big 10 Wireless Coordinator for Indiana University)

Bonus Session - Preparing for a Technology Upgrade
Presenter: Dave Mead

6:30 PM
Digital Audio Console Basics Yamaha TF
Presenter: Dave Mead

Designing Lighting for Houses of Worship
Presenter: Dan Boggess

Video Master Class
Presenter: Schehera McKissack

Audio Master Class
Presenter: Gus Caulk

Video Basics with the Black Magic ATEM
Presenter: Grant Lawhorn

7:30 PM
Digital Audio Console Basics - Midas M-32 / Beherringer X-32
Presenter: Kevin Brown

Lighting Operation of the ETC ColorSource Console
Presenter: Dan Boggess

Video Master Class (Continued)
Presenter: Schehera McKissack

Audio Master Class (Continued)
Presenter: Gus Caulk

Wireless Workbench
Presenter: Jay Dill

8:30 PM
Event Ends


Bonus Sessions

Best Practices for Wireless in the House of Worship
Presented by Jay Dill, Wireless frequency Coordinator for the Big 10 at Indiana University and vice president of McFadden Sales who represents Shure products.

Preparing for a Technology Upgrade
Presented by Dave Mead, former CEO and a founder of LIVE! Technologies. Dave has spent 44 years working with clients to develop a plan, build consensus, design, install and train congregations on new technologies.
It’s a lot more than just making a decision to get new gear!

Video Sessions

Video Production for H.O.W.
This year we are looking at getting the most out of your video switcher. We will be looking specifically at the Black Magic Television Studio HD. We will be looking at its functions and capabilities. This class will be led by Grant Lawhorn of LIVE! Technologies, one of our senior creative associates.

Video Production Master Class
The master class will be a two hour class that will allow for in depth discussion and hands on of video production for Houses of worship. Topics to include Lower Thirds, Green Screen and Graphic Overlays. This class will be led by Schehera McKissack of LIVE! Technologies, one of our senior video technicians and a trainer for video systems. Schehera also heads up the video team at her church.

Lighting Sessions

Lighting Basics for H.O.W.
We will be exploring the ETC Colorsource lighting console. This console was developed for the House of Worship market and meets the right price points. This console provides control for both incandescent and LED lights. It has a touch screen that is a great assist for patching and programming. It also has RDM!

Don't know what it is? Come to the class and find out. This course will be taught by Dan Boggess with Crosslight, the ETC representative firm. Dan has a BA in Theatrical design from Miami University and has extensive experience in lighting for theatre and for worship spaces.

Designing Lighting for A House of Worship Space
This class will cover the basics of lighting for Houses of Worship: What are the goals for a lighting system? How much Light is needed? Fixture placement, Incandescent or LED, Moving Light or Fixed fixture are just some of the questions to be answered.

Audio Sessions

Digital Audio Basics
Looking for a digital audio console. What does it do? How does it work? What can I do with it? How difficult is it to run? Can I run this with an iPad? LIVE! will address these questions and provide the basics of operations. We will also answer questions that you may have run into from real world use. We will be training on three different consoles: Yamaha TF, and Midas M32/ Behringer X32. Trainers will be Dave Mead and Kevin Brown of LIVE! Technologies who have extensive experience with the operation and training for digital audio consoles.

Audio Mixing Master Class
What can I do with all the processing and effects that are on my digital console? How do they work? This call will take more than one hour! There will be a number of consoles, Yamaha & Behringer based set up with digital tracks so that small groups of folks can work with the different aspects of a mix and how processing affects the finished product.

It is our goal that each person in this class can walk away better informed on how to put a mix together. This course will be taught by Richard “Gus” Caulk, a senior engineer at LIVE! Technologies. Gus has over 30 years experience as a FOH and monitor engineer traveling the US, Europe and the Middle East with various artists including Aaron Tippon and Days of the New.

Wireless Frequency Session

Wireless Workbench
With the shrinking of the Wireless Spectrum, frequency coordination is more important than ever. The class will examine how the Shure Wireless Workbench can help in coordinating multiple wireless devices--turning what is typically a headache inducing struggle into an easy to manage solution. Taught by our Guest Speaker, Jay Dill who is Wireless Frequency Coordinator for the Big 10 at Indiana University.

For Questions Please Contact Sarah Frady at 614.278.7777