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Ginghamsburg Church

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Solving Intelligibility Issues with the Bose RoomMatch Line-array Solution

When conversations began with Chris Benge, Technical & Sound Engineer at Ginghamsburg Church in Tipp City, Ohio, his main concern was finding a way to remedy the intelligibility issues Ginghamsburg had been battling in their sanctuary. Because of the asymmetrical size of the space, audio coverage within the sanctuary had proven to be difficult. The reflective properties provided less direct sound, and despite being equipped with proficient audio gear, the room configuration meant that the sound distribution was less than desirable.

The LIVE! Technologies engineering team immediately began to research options for the Ginghamsburg sanctuary space, and the Bose RoomMatch line-array system offered the best audio coverage. The RoomMatch product line ensured that audio distribution within the sanctuary was the same for everyone, from the front row to the back of the balcony. Stated Cody Ramey, LIVE!’s Account Executive for Ginghamsburg Church, “There are so many different amp and cabinet configurations available with the Bose RoomMatch system that it allowed for a ton of flexibility. It was also appealing to us because of the excellent craftsmanship and low failure rate that the product line is known for”.

The flexibility of the RoomMatch equipment configurations, coupled with its ability to work well in both spoken word and live music applications, made it the clear leader in the audio system design for Ginghamsburg Church. Subsequently, Benge and the Ginghamsburg team have seen excellent results with the audio installation, a fact which he credits to the LIVE! team’s focused design process to fulfill Ginhamsburg’s requirements for the sanctuary. He said, “We didn’t even start talking about what equipment we would put in; we talked about ‘what do I want it to do?’. LIVE! Technologies would be my first call. It’s been a great process.”