The Best of Both Worlds

At LIVE! our complete indoor and outdoor rental LED display systems offer our clients a variety of visual communication opportunities to enhance their messaging and live events. However, our LED display solutions aren't just for event production rentals. Our Technology Integration team offers: seamless, customizable and eye-catching solutions for all of our customers' display needs.

Suitable for a wide range of applications, our LED-display technology provides outstanding solutions for the digital display needs of our clients.


The Benefits of LED

2.9 mm LED Panel
  • Pixel Pitch - 2.97mm
  • Pixel Density - 112,896 p/sqm
  • Panel Resolution - 168x168
  • Panel Weight - 22 lbs
  • No Size Restrictions
  • Life Time (hrs) - 100,000
  • Power Consumption (Max.) - 175 W
  • Easy Installation
  • 3.9 mm LED Panel
  • Pixel Pitch - 3.91mm
  • Pixel Density - 65,536 p/sqm
  • Panel Resolution - 128x128
  • Panel Weight - 22 lbs
  • No size restrictions
  • Life Time (hrs) - 100,000
  • Power Consumption (Max.) - 113 W
  • Easy Installation

    You Dream It, We Assemble It

    At LIVE! we feel like displays should work like LEGOs. If you can think up a shape and need then why can’t you just build it? With LED panels that flexibility is finally at your fingertips. With each panel coming in at a rough 2x2 foot square, they’re small enough to be used for anything video and in almost any configuration.

    Want digital signage to welcome your guest? Need separate displays of various sizes in vendor booths at a trade show? Looking for a unique way to incorporate video displays into your event set? LED panels are the versatile solution to incorporate video into every aspect of your next event production.

    Not Just for Live Production

    LED panels are quickly becoming the go-to choice for digital signage and environmental displays. LED offers many advantages over traditional displays: brighter than ambient light; flexible design options and easy installation. From digital signage to classroom and conference displays, our Technology Integration team has display options that are eye-catching and informative.

    Going Green

    Energy consumption of traditional projection can be enough to power a small city--especially when pushing content to multiple displays. LEDs consume a fraction of the energy and can help your organization reach their green goals.

    Better Bang for Your Buck

    Traditional projection is capable of reproducing several thousand colors, whereas LEDs can produce several million--this means the content looks exactly like it was designed.

    Brighter = Better

    LED panels are brighter and able to overpower even the brightest ambient light source, which give our customers a display that can show off every detail of their content.

    Ready to Step Up Your Game?

    Contact LIVE! Technologies today and find out how we can bring LED and all the newest production technology to your events to take them from boring to breath taking.