LIVE! Technologies and The Childhood League Partner to Create “Meeples” Campaign

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The Childhood League’s Vision

The Childhood League serves the community by providing individualized services for children with special needs under the age of seven. The non-profit organization believes that all individuals have the right to be a part of the community.

By supporting both children and their families, The Childhood League ensures state-of-the-art programs and services. The Childhood League values each children’s unique strengths and potential, and aims to provide quality early childhood education.

Collaborating with LIVE! Technologies

The Childhood League teamed up with the #reallivepros to create an awareness campaign for their new Intervening Early Program. The Intervening Early Program emphasizes the importance of early learning in the home by working with families to address children’s development in various areas.

Peter Tripp, the director of Community Development, was looking for a campaign that represented the big picture of the organization. He was also striving for content that appealed to families looking for help, as well as community members and philanthropists who could support the cause.

Tyler Chapman from LIVE! Technologies came up with an idea for a split screen video that portrays the lifelong benefits of early intervention. The initial plan was to have a child on each side of the screen showing the difference early intervention can make. Because the video is intended to be fully inclusive for all children, the team had a difficult time choosing what child to use.

To avoid only representing one child, the #reallivepros decided to use animated characters called “Meeples”. Courtney Reed created the character design and made the Meeples colorful and round. The team at LIVE! Technologies met up with the client and proposed the idea for the video.

Transforming Vision to Reality

After some initial tweaking and suggestions, the team got to work. Tyler began to write the script and shared it with The Childhood League, as well as Inspire, a PR company they had been working with.  “Inspire had been working on copywriting in other areas for The Childhood League so we partnered to keep the language similar,” Tyler said.

Once the script was approved, Courtney was able to design a story board using the character design she created. Next, Jared Zajac brought the Meeples to life by working on animation.

Guaranteeing Client Satisfaction

Whenever there are multiple companies collaborating to create one project, some challenges are likely to arise when it comes to a cohesive vision for the overall project. Communication is vital between all parties to ensure the client gets the outcome they’re looking for.

“There are a lot of ideas flying around a project when it’s not only a new approach for the client, but also a new program being launched by the client.  The small size of the teams and the different web-based communication tools made it a lot easier to keep everything coordinated,” Tyler said.

Tyler also noted that being both the writer and producer allowed him to prevent issues from arising. “It put me in a better position to see potential problems coming and take care of them before they snowballed out of control,” he said.

LIVE! Technologies is committed to keeping clients satisfied by to going above and beyond to create effective solutions. Constantly touching base with the client and creating an environment for efficient communication was key to keeping the Meeples project on task.

“We found that answering questions quickly and sharing the different steps of the process with the client helped to make them feel included,” Tyler said.

Throughout the entire process, the team made sure to be open to suggestions and feedback from the client, in order to ensure their satisfaction and avoid potential issues.

Doing Business with Non-profits

The Childhood League has delivered results for many families. Through their specialized programs, 45% of the preschoolers with special needs catch up with their peers by the time they enter kindergarten. The Childhood League deems that 100% of children they work with make significant improvements in various areas. Collaborating with a non-profit company that has made a change in children’s lives was a rewarding experience for the staff at LIVE! Technologies.

“I love working with non-profits because of the passion that the people have for their work.  There’s not a lot of money in non-profit, obviously, and so the love for the cause that people have gets to be infectious,” Tyler said.

The #reallivepros found working with The Childhood League staff enjoyable. Tyler noted that working with Cathy Kupsky, the marketing and communications coordinator, was pleasant because of her ‘laugh that fills the room’.

“They’re just a great group of people who want to give struggling kids the world. It was awesome to make that dream closer to a reality,” Tyler said.


Check out the video below to see the final product:


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