Join us September 14th, 2017

This is a free event of educational sessions brought to you by your trusted partners at LIVE! Technologies and other learning industry experts. LIVE!Con 2017 is an opportunity to learn more about audiovisual, event, and video production.

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What is LIVE!Con?

This event is a free day full of audiovisual, creative, event, and video production education brought to you by leading industry experts.

How much does it cost?

This event is free to attend. Register early, Attendance will be limited to the first 300 persons who register.

How early should I arrive?

Please plan to arrive at least 45 minutes before your class. Or come just to hang out and network.

Will there be food?

There will be a complimentary buffet lunch supplied by Average Joe's Catering.

Can I talk to vendors?

Come and talk to vendors and learn the latest technologies without attending classes. Our doors are open all day!

How do classes work?

Sign up for one or more of our educational courses. These classes are taught by experts in the industry.



Registration & Panera Breakfast & Coffee


Vendor Displays Open

9:00-10:00am Sessions

Attend any of these classes

Know your Acoustics

Acoustic treatments play heavily in a good presentation of an audio system. Learn how acoustic room treatments can help you getting the best out of your audio system--whether it’s a conference room or a concert hall or anything in between.

Know your Shure Microphone

A name recognized across the industry, Shure Microphones are world renowned. Scott Ramsayer presents the new line of Shure Microphone products.

Know your Harman Products

With productions in all areas of production: Lighting, audio, video; Harman has it all. See a hands-on demonstrations of the new line of Harman products.

Know your Digital Mixer Basics

Understanding the basics of getting signal from input to output. Demystifying the beast that is the digital audio console. We will be looking at different mixers, how the differ, how they are alike and how they work. Presented by Dave Mead.

Know Your Music Licensing Meetings and Events

Music often is an integral part of conventions and meetings, but did you know that this may require a license fee? Event organizers may not think twice about playing music at an event, but the setting may subject them to liability under copyright law. Learn the dos and don’ts of playing music at events.

Know your Digital Signage

Products & best practices. Learn the basics of digital signage, presented by Scott Douglas with Tightrope Media.


Vendor Time/ Product Demos

11:00-12:00pm Sessions

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Know your Mobile App

Your job is to delight and excite your event attendees. But its not always that simple, is it? Modern attendees have modern expectations, and you must continuously update your repertoire to keep your attendees on their toes. Lean how you can use a mobile app to provide your attendees a more impressive event experience. Join us to discover how our mobile app solutions can transform your event by streamlining you job as a planner, personalizing your attendee experience, and increasing overall event engagement.

Know your Electrical Contractor

Presented by the experts at Converse Electric. Discover what role the electrical contractor plays in renovations and new builds. This course covers both the electrical contractor's role in a project and what role the AV installer can play helping maintain a project timeline.

Know Your Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Voice Command and Control in Collaborative Spaces

Join our “Keynote Speaker” Raymond Kent, Director of the Innovative Technology Design, with Westlake Reed Leskosky, as he considers the role of virtual and augmented reality tools in collaborative spaces.

Know your Project Management

Get the insiders’ tips on how to keep the many moving parts of a project flowing together. The Dos and Don’ts of successful Project Management.

Know your Noise Masking

Presented by Atlas IED. From environmental noise to workplace privacy and productivity--noise masking can be an essential tool in today’s open space environments. Learn the basics, application and benefits of noise masking in workplace renovations and new construction projects

Know your Cine Cameras and Lenses

With all of the different types of digital video camera on the market these days it can be overwhelming. Explore the different types of digital cameras and what to look for when selecting lensing.


Lunch Break, Catering by Average Joe's | Columbus Symphony Trio Performs

1:30-2:30pm Sessions

Attend any of these classes

Know your Mixing for Live

Every day in live production is different. One of our Real Live Pros, Gus Caulk, shares his insights and favorite tips when mixing audio in the ever-changing environment of live events. This advance course is for experienced audio engineers, technicians and similar professionals.

Know your Recording for Broadcast

Step your audio game up to the next level. Industry veteran gives the lowdown on recording audio for broadcast--focusing on: best practices, tools and capturing the best sounding audio possible. This advance course is for experienced audio engineers, technicians and similar professionals.

Know your Dante

Presented by Jason Jaquemain. Explore the world of Dante, the prevailing audio over ethernet language. Available with over 150 different manufacturers, DANTE has become an indispensible tool for AV installers and audio professionals.

Know your IP End Points

Manny from Atlas will be giving a presentation regarding unified communication and critical alerts using IP endpoints that utilize VoIP protocols and are compatible with Cisco and many other VoIP solutions or can operate as a stand alone system. The product category is call Globalcom.ip and more information can be found here:

Know your ADA

The American Disabilities Act can be a hurdle or lead to value propositions for your clients. Discover the many ways the ADA affect renovation and new build environments and the audiovisual tools that are available to your upcoming projects.

Know your Lighting for Video

LED Lighting has been a game-changer for video production lighting. Learn how these new tools can create a professional-looking video with a quicker and easier set-up.


Vendor Time / Product Demos

3:00-4:00pm Sessions

Attend any of these classes

Know your Wireless Mic Systems Best Practices

With about as many wireless microphone brands as there are frequencies “cutting-the-wires” can be a daunting undertaking. Learn tips from industry experts on the topics of: selecting, utilizing and purchasing wireless microphone systems.

Know your Streaming

With webstream services at any price point and skill-level, the ability to grow your audience to any size is within anyone’s reach these days. Find out how webstreaming can enhance your production environment.

Lighting Round Table

Guest lighting experts will discuss the latest trends in lighting. For live events and installation.

Know your Troubleshooting

The first step of any repair project is identifying the issue. Learn how to get to the root of the problem troubling your audio-visual and lighting system. Our Real Live Pro, Colin Murrary, teaches how to find issues with lighting systems and repair the true root cause of many problems plaguing today’s lighting designers, AV installers and programmers.

Know your Room Automation

Automation can be integrated into a boundless number of room features. From access controls and occupancy monitors to daylight harvesting and intelligent systems. Get to know the ever-growing landscape of room automation tools to increase space efficiency and accessibility.

Know your Color Grading with LUTS

Look Up Tables are endlessly useful on- and off-set. LUTs capable monitors allow a director to preview the post-graded video for clients and producers while on-set. Using LUTs with your preferred editing software speeds up the post-production and gets editors onto the next project.


Cocktail Reception & Live Music!


Please Register by Tuesday, September 12th, 2017