Join us September 13th, 2018

This is a free event of educational sessions brought to you by your trusted partners at LIVE! Technologies and other leading industry experts. LIVE!Con 2018 is an opportunity to learn more about audiovisual, event, and video production.

Please register by September 11th, 2018.

What is LIVE!Con?

This event is a free day full of audiovisual, creative, event and video production education brought to you by leading industry experts.

How much does it cost?

This event is free to attend. Register early, attendance will be limited to the first 300 persons who register!

When should I arrive?

Please plan to arrive at least 45 minutes before your class. You're also welcome to just hang out and network!

Will there be food?

There will be a complimentary buffet lunch supplied by Average Joe's Catering.

Will there be vendors?

Yes! Come and talk to vendors and learn the latest technologies even without attending classes. Our doors are open all day!

How do classes work?

Please choose one educational class for each time block. Each class will be taught by an expert in the industry.

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9:00 - 10:00 AM

Martin Light Products

Product Demo | Presented by: Jeff Washburn

One of the leading names in the production industry, Martin Lighting, is known for their products used in nightclubs, performing arts centers and professional touring applications. This class will offer a look at new and upcoming products offered by Martin Lighting to give class attendees some ideas of how they can improve their own productions.


Video Switching Overview

Difficulty Level: Introductory | Presented by: Schehera Mckissack

One of the more intimidating pieces of production equipment can be the video switcher. Getting in over your head with the switcher is the easiest way to broadcast a mistake to hundreds, thousands or even millions of viewers! This class will provide an overview of the functions, features and best applications of the Blackmagic Television Studio HD video switcher. Attendees will get a demonstration of the switcher’s capabilities and learn a big picture understanding of this system.


Buying Corporate Talent

Difficulty Level: Introductory | Presented by: Paul Hoy & Michael Farrell

Booking talent for corporate events can be an intimidating task for even the most experienced event planner. This session will provide insight on sourcing talent, making offers and contract riders including production. Paul Hoy, President of Class Acts Entertainment and Michael Farrell, Executive Producer, LIVE! Technologies, will lead the class. The years of experience and knowledge shared by these two will help even the most inexperienced production manager an expert contract negotiator.


Streaming and Recording to YouTube and Facebook Live 101

Difficulty Level: Introductory | Presented by: Lance Feder

Interested in extending your reach to remote audiences? Learn how streaming technologies are making that task easier than ever! From live events to on-demand playback, webstreaming offers a way to reach audiences worldwide! This class provides an overview of services and technologies, as well as, the equipment needed to reach your audience. Because the difference between a few listeners and a few million, is all about using the right tools to make recording and streaming easy and driving your viewer engagement.


A to Z of Filming an Interview - Part 1: Cameras

Difficulty Level: Intermediate | Presented by: Tyler Chapman

The LIVE! Creative Video team will explore what it takes to shoot an interview--from taking gear out of their cases to blocking talent and finally screaming ‘Action!’ just like they do in Hollywood. This 4-part series will allow a more laid-back approach with plenty of opportunities for interaction and time to get answers to all of your burning questions. The class would be perfect for anybody just getting started, looking to sharpen their skills or learn new tricks to add to their production toolbox.

In the first part of the class we will take a look at a few different camera options for a budget-minded production. We will look at the advantages and drawbacks of shooting with a DSLR and an entry-level professional 4K camera; how to pick a good backdrop for a shot; blocking talent and other decisions that need to be made when you first get on-site for an interview shoot.


11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Wireless Frequency Coordination & Wireless Workbench

Difficulty Level: Intermediate | Presented by: Jay Dill

With the shrinking of the Wireless Spectrum, frequency coordination is more important than ever. The class will examine how the Shure Wireless Workbench can help in coordinating multiple wireless devices, turning what is typically a headache inducing struggle into an easy to manage solution.


Demystifying DMX

Difficulty Level: Intermediate | Presented by: Dan Boggess

This class will provide a brief history of the DMX controls signal and its growth out of the entertainment industry into other commercial areas. Class participants will examine case studies to better understand the uses and limitations of DMX. The instructor will discuss the integration of DMX into systems that also contain other control sources, such as: 0-10V, DALI, line voltage dimming or relay control. Also, the course will look at the the ability of DMX gear to easily handle UL924 emergency egress requirements.


Acoustics 101

Difficulty Level: Introductory | Presented by: João Ferreira

Join Vicoustic's lead acoustic consultant, João Ferreira, for a discussion on the benefits of better acoustics in commercial and performance spaces. The class will also take a look at the practical applications of acoustical products in your business.


A to Z of Filming an Interview - Part 2: Lighting

Difficulty Level: Intermediate | Presented by: Tyler Chapman

There is a lot that can be accomplished with a little, especially when it comes to lighting. In the second part of the class we will set-up lighting for our interview and take a look at some of the different challenges and opportunities there are to make your production look like a million bucks while costing just a fraction of that. This class will focus on: two-, three-light set-ups; lighting talent and the environment; options for using other sources as a light; working in mixed lighting and more.


Array Technology

Difficulty Level: Introductory | Presented by: John Huges

In the past few years, Bose Line Array technology has become the favored name in the audio industry with the introduction of the MA-12 small line array, the larger Room Match and Show Match systems. This course will better define Array Technology and the tools offered by Bose to match an audio systems to a room. The class will also take a look at some samples of newer Array Technology products for inspiration on upcoming installations and productions.


12:00 - 1:00 PM

Complimentary Lunch

Enjoy a complimentary lunch catered by Average Joe's. Entertainment provided by the Columbus Symphony Trio.


1:30 - 2:30 PM

Digital Audio Consoles

Difficulty Level: Introductory | Presented by: Kevin Brown

Using the Midas digital compact console this class will take a look at best practices and expert insight into mixing digitally. Taking a look at: multiple mixes, effects and processing housed within the console--this will give anyone a leg up the next time they need to step behind a digital console. Even though each system can look drastically different the information covered in the class will apply to all digital consoles and turn anyone into Rick Rubin.


Know your Automation

Difficulty Level: Introductory | Presented by: Andrew Linck

Automation can be integrated into a boundless number of room features--from access controls and occupancy monitors to daylight harvesting and intelligent systems. Get to know the ever-growing landscape of room automation tools to increase: space efficiency, usability and accessibility.



Difficulty Level: Intermediate | Presented by: Jason Jacquemain

What is Dante and why has it proliferated our projects the last few years? This class will talk about: Dante functionality and integrating it into your audiovisual system.
By reviewing some of the software interface and what a user can accomplish with Dante, this class will offer participants a chance to see what Dante has to offer and the best practices when implementing the system.


Let’s Put on a Show! A Hands-On Demo of the Atem Switcher

Difficulty Level: Advanced | Presented by: Schehera Mckissack

Building on the previous class, participants will be guided through setting up and operating the Blackmagic Television Studio HD Atem switcher for a mock show. The instructor will cover everything from using the software interface, connecting input devices, creating lower thirds and outputting to different displays. This class will be perfect for those looking to build their proficiency working on small to medium sized productions.


Women in AV

Panel Discussion

Join our panel of industry experts for a candid conversation about the opportunities and challenges that women face in the event industry.


A to Z of Filming an Interview - Part 3: Audio

Difficulty Level: Intermediate | Presented by: Tyler Chapman

Making a video look good is only half the goal when shooting an interview. Good audio can make or break a video--audio issues will drive more of your audience away than any other issues you can come across. This class will focus on: the different between shotgun and lavs; best practices when setting up microphones; options for field recording; why external records are the way to go and other topics all around setting up audio for our mock interview.


3:00 - 4:00 PM

Why Custom Scenic Adds to an Event

Difficulty Level: Introductory | Presented by: David Steinmetz & Jocelyn McDaniel

The ability to hear and see the activities at an event is sometimes where the planning stops. This class will help you develop the thinking needed to take the blank canvas of a venue and turn it into a destination for your event. Attendees will learn the value of creating physical spaces that communicate meaning through understanding the materials, methods, tools, techniques and procedures. Participants will walk through case studies of events and scenic designs used on LIVE! Technologies' productions.


A to Z of Filming an Interview - Part 4: Bringing it All Together

Difficulty Level: Intermediate | Presented by: Tyler Chapman

The three previous segments of the class have looked at each individual part of a video shoot for an interview--but how does everything come together? This class will focus on bringing it all together into a successful video shoot. We will discuss: best practices when setting up gear; blocking talent; writing questions; asking questions; best practices when conducting an interview among other topics. We will also have a short panel discussion with a video producer and cameraman/editor. This will give participants an opportunity to asks questions directly to people that have been shooting interviews together for almost a decade.


JBL Product Demo

Product Demo

As a key part in the Harman offering of products, JBL, offers a wide variety of sound systems from touring sound systems to small portable speakers. This class will take an in-depth look at JBL products and give attendees an opportunity to discuss best practices and troubleshooting the available line of products.


Mixing Under Pressure

Difficulty Level: Advanced | Presented by: Gus Caulk

The live events environment can be stressful and full of unknown hurdles. The audio engineer needs to be able to keep the PA sounding its best while keeping an ever vigilant ear out for the next problem coming up. This class will be conducted as a discussion forum, addressing the challenges of mixing in a professional environment. The question and answer format of the class will allow for participants to engage with a LIVE! audio engineer and tap into the wealth of knowledge gained from their years of experience.


The Quality of Light

Difficulty Level: Intermediate | Presented by: Brad Schiller

Being the invisible factor in many projects, lighting can get left behind in the conversation. However, with the many ways in measuring and understanding light there is always something that can be improved with a careful eye to lighting. This class will attempt to demystify lighting quality measurements such as Color Rendering, Flat Field, Output, Contrast Ratio, LED Spectrum, and more. The lessons learned in this class will allow you to approach lighting situations with a more trained and attentive eye, elevating not only the product you are delivering but everything that it compliments.


4:00 - 6:00 PM


Come grab a drink and get to know others in the industry!

Brands Represented

Marshall Electronics
Hall Research
Beyer Dynamic
Chauvet / Cables 2 Go
Point Source
Middle Atlantic Products

Fulcrum Acoustic
Klark Teknik
Martin Lighting
Clear Touch

Atas IED
Williams Sound
Renkus- Heinz
Ultimate Support
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