Make Your Corporate Meeting a Success With These 10 Tips

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A corporate meeting can be a big part of your company’s culture:

  • It brings like minds together to accomplish remarkable things
  • It recognizes employees for their accomplishments, hard work and dedication
  • It provides training on a certain skill
  • It introduces a new product that will have an impact on your company and its customers
Whatever the reason for your corporate meeting, most event planners would probably agree that there is an enormous amount of time, organization and effort that goes into planning. The meeting appears to be easy and seamless, but it’s often anything but. So if you’re charged with planning a corporate meeting for your company there are a few things you can do to make your planning efforts easier. As experienced event planners ourselves, we are sharing 10 helpful tips to make your corporate meeting a success:
pick a location for your corporate meeting

Step 1: Pick a great location

If you’re not going to have your corporate meeting onsite, be sure the location you choose has enough space to accommodate the size of your group. Also make an appointment to view the location, talk to vendors, and understand everything they have to offer. In addition, be prepared to book your event as far as a year in advance, because schedules fill up fast.

Step 2: Dependable wifi

This is really something you can’t be without. You’ll need it for your corporate meeting, and your employees will expect it. Also, if your wifi has a password have it ready for everyone to enter.
dependable wifi at your corporate meeting
quality food at your corporate event

Step 3: Have a theme

Choosing an overall theme for your corporate meeting will help to keep you focused. Make sure activities, food and beverages choices follow that theme.

Step 4: Quality food and beverages

Speaking of food and beverages, your attendees will have certain expectations when it comes to their dining experiences at your corporate meeting. Consequently, what you serve and how you serve it (sit down, buffet style, casual hors d’oeuvres) is part of what makes their experience rich and memorable.
go green at your corporate event
add a to do checklist and timeline for your corporate event

Step 5: Go green

For your beverages consider distilled water over water bottles. Also for your food, consider locally produced organic food for a fresh alternative. When it comes to technology go digital as much as possible to reduce printing costs.

Step 6: A to-do checklist and timeline

Making a list of all the things that need to be done will help you not to forget anything. In addition to what needs to be done also go a step further and make an exact timeline of when things need to be done, and who is going to be responsible. Be prepared for it to be a working list that will change and evolve as new tasks are added and completed.
quality stage  podium and backdrop for your corporate event
Avoid unplanned audio visual costs

Step 7: A quality stage, podium, or elaborate backdrop

Depending on the size of your meeting, you’ll want to have some type of stage where speakers can make their presentations or your entertainment can be hosted. LIVE! Technologies is happy to help with this, as we have solutions for whatever needs your event may dictate

Step 8: Reliable audio

Furthermore, be sure you have dependable audio equipment to communicate your message to your audience. Bad audio, feedback and echo can be distracting and deflates your entire presentation. If you need help in this area, LIVE! Technologies can provide the audio system you need.
reliable audio for your corporate event
have an agenda for your corporate event

Step 9: Have an Agenda

An agenda provides an outline and focus for the meeting, and lets the participants know what will be discussed and in what order. Once you create it, don’t forget to follow it!

Step 10: Hire an event planner

Finally, depending on the size and scope of your event and your budget, it might be worth your time to hire an event planner. Professional event planners have experience in pulling off events of all sizes, and makes sure even the finest details are taking care of. If you decide you need an experienced event planner, LIVE! Technologies will help you elevate your message to create maximum impact.
hire an event planner for your corporate event

Make your events fun and memorable, not stressful disasters. With a little preparation, you’re corporate meeting will be one your employees will talk about and remember for years to come.

If you have any questions about planning your corporate meeting, the Real Live Pros from LIVE! Technologies would love to help. We deliver seamlessly executed live experiences through creative design, engaging event production, and intelligent technology installation. Contact us today, or join our mailing list to receive helpful tips and advice for YOUR live events.