Welcome to LIVE! Creative

Our mission is to use the latest creative tools to bring ideas to life. Knowing the difference between communicating and just talking is what sets us apart. We take messaging and transform it into the visual tools our clients use to engage their audiences. Think personal stylist for the way your organization communicates with its market.

Where Concept Meets Imagination

We mold the framework that gives voice to our clients’ message. Our mission is to use the latest creative tools to bring ideas to life.


Our Services

Video Production

No matter the message or how it reaches your audience our Video Production team is ready to bring their creativity to produce top-notch video content.

To deliver an effective message you need to tell your story. To do so our Video Production team is our clients’ greatest asset to produce clear and concise video content.

Our team has worked with wide range of clients to create thousands of hours of video content that sell, educate and celebrate our client’s stories.



Motion Graphics

The emergence of visual images as the leader in modern communications is more evident than ever, and these days, clip art just won’t cut it. From finishing touches to stand-alone content, our graphics team is able to add the extra something dimension and design to the videos and presentations that gets that second look from your audience.

Employing cutting-edge software and technology, we help you develop your branding, motion graphics, infographics, keynote presentations, etc. so your visuals are dressed to impress.


Branding & Theming

How you tell your story can be as important as the story you are telling.

Our Creative Team works closely with clients to develop how their stories and messages are delivered to their audience.

LIVE! Technologies finds the best way to make your story our own. Through a mixture of any of our Creative Team’s offerings: graphic design, video production and set design; we craft the best way to tell your story.

Some clients come to us with a theme and simply need event materials and content designed around it. Some clients come to us with just an idea.

It doesn’t matter where our clients are in the branding and theming process. The Creative Team develops themes and content that inspires and educates our client’s audiences.