What is Tech Force?

Technology is an investment. When it’s working properly it helps you to convey ideas, increase efficiencies, and drive effective communication throughout your organization. The LIVE! Technologies Tech Force is a maintenance and repair team comprised of certified technicians and audiovisual industry professionals.


You can rely on the Tech Force to ensure your audiovisual technology investment is a reliable one. Your peace of mind is our bottom line.


Industry Certifications & Qualifications

LIVE!’s Tech Force is committed to achieving the highest industry qualifications to ensure the utmost in quality care for our clients.

Project Management Certification


Certified Technology Specialist Certifications


Crestron DigitalMedia Certifications


Crestron Master Programmer Certification


InfoComm Certification

Emerald Level Certified Solutions Provider


Drug Free Safety Program Participant


30 Hour Certification

Various Manufacturer Equipment Training


About Our Services

Preventative Maintenance

Defined by LIVE! Technologies as a scheduled on-site service call to check all equipment and function of a designated system. A list of functions and problems should be provided to the technician upon arrival. Preventative Maintenance includes testing the function of the system, which includes: microphones, wireless, touch screens, projection and switching. It also includes alignment of the projection system, cleaning of all filters and checking the number of lamp hours on projection equipment.

Installation and updates of existing firmware and software will be addressed as needed. The Tech Force technician will file a report providing the status of the equipment, including any problems or repairs necessary to restore the system to full functionality. Recommendations as to system upgrades to improve the functionality of the system will be provided in the report.

Audio Tuning and Video Calibration

Maximizing the performance of the AV system. Audio Tuning includes confirmation of the function of all parts of the audio system. The Tech Force technician will confirm that the processor is performing properly and tune the system using a real time analyzer and selected program material. If a monitor system is part of the system, the technician will work to maximize gain before feedback. Digital systems time clocks will also be checked.

Video Calibration includes checking functionality of all video equipment. Calibration includes checking to make sure that all sources have the proper resolution to the switcher and the switcher has a compatible image to be delivered to the projector. The alignment of the video projector to the video screen is part of this service. Color corrections will be made if necessary.


Software/ Firmware Updates

As manufacturers find bugs and add functionality to their existing equipment, updates are issued. Such updates usually reside on the manufacturer’s website and require some research to determine whether or not they are beneficial to an individual system. LIVE! Technologies will do the research and update your firmware as necessary to optimize the performance of your AV system.

Repair Work

If it’s broke, we can fix it. Our Tech Force technicians can pinpoint the failure, and provide a quote with a recommendation as to the best way to proceed. Our relationship with over 60 manufacturers ensures that we can get your gear back to original working condition. Repair work can be dropped off at LIVE! Technologies, or a Tech Force technician can be dispatched to your location for pick up.

Response Time

Calls for service work are connected directly to our Tech Force Service Coordinator. The Service Coordinator will match the problem with one of our certified Tech Force technicians who will be dispatched to your location within 72 hours or less*, unless you have a preferred time to schedule.

*Standard business days.


Service Packages

  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Audio/ Video Tuning
  • Software/ Firmware Updates
  • Repair Work
  • Response TIme
Tech Force Repair
  • Within 72 hours
  • Annual

  • As scheduled
Tech Force Protect
  • As needed

  • Within 72 hours
Tech Force Direct
  • Annual

  • Within 48 hours
Tech Force Direct Plus+

  • Contact LIVE! Tech Force to design a contract to meet your needs

Service Package Descriptions

Tech Force Repair

Schedule to have a certified LIVE! Tech Force technician repair your audio, video, lighting or control system.

LIVE! Check Up

Preventative maintenance, function test and firmware updates done by a certified LIVE! Tech Force technician.

Tech Force Protect

Purchase service blocks in $500 increments. All rates receive a 15% discount. Can be used for repair, preventative maintenance, training, tuning, programming and consulting.

Tech Force Direct / Direct Plus+

Managed Services will allow you to pay a flat fee per month that will cover all your labor expenses associated with maintaining your system. Contracts are annual to three years in length. Tech Force Direct Plus+ contracts are available to meet your special needs with regard to response time, back-up equipment or remote service.

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